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baby-hand-revised-729379A little over a year ago my pastor and his wife were filling out stacks upon stacks of forms, preparing to become adoptive parents.  Several years of trying to have a baby and struggling to come to terms with infertility had preceded sitting in front of those stacks of paper, and many joys have followed it.

Not long after I began blogging I mentioned the decision that William and Glenna made to be as transparent as possible with our church as they dealt with the ups and downs of infertility and adoption.  You can read more about that here.  (Incidentally, I still highly recommend browsing through the archives of Glenna’s infertility blog.)

As with everything else in life, their journey hasn’t been nearly as black and white as my first paragraph might suggest.  Their lives did not consist of only struggles before adoption, and only joys afterward.  It almost goes without saying that life is always much more complex than that.

Recently Glenna participated in a panel discussion on the topic of infertility and adoption for TotallyHer, a popular website for women; there she discussed the maze of emotions that have accompanied their experiences.  I think you’ll find her observations in the interview helpful and at times moving.  Read Does Adoption Make Infertility all Better?

Comments are encouraged!  If you have any experience yourself with infertility or adoption (not necessarily both), I’d love for you to share your thoughts or any insights you’ve gained from your experience in the comments.   Perhaps, if she’s able to do so, Glenna can participate in the discussion, as well.  Thanks!

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