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D.A. Carson and Children Desiring God

A small group from our church traveled to Union University last weekend to hear D.A. Carson lecture on how New Testament writers used the Old Testament text.  Were they guilty of taking Old Testament passages out of context?

Carson approached his topic by focusing on three different passages in Hebrews, one in each plenary session.    The audio files for those lectures are now available:

Plenary 1: D.A. Carson

Plenary 2: D.A. Carson

Plenary 3: D.A. Carson

Another highlight of the weekend was the breakout sessions led by Children Desiring God founders David and Sally Michael.  I’ve included links to those files below.

I’m working a lot of overtime right now, but when I have time I want to say a little more about one of the other breakout sessions.  Here are the Children Desiring God messages:

David and Sally Michael – Breakout Session 1

David and Sally Michael – Breakout Session 2

David and Sally Michael – Breakout Session 3