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Welcome to the June 20, 2012 edition of Christian Carnival II.  If you’d like to participate in future carnivals, all the instructions for hosting, and also for submitting an article to the carnival, can be found here.

The inclusion of a link here doesn’t imply my endorsement of any particular article or blog, although there are, as always, some thoughtful posts included in this carnival.  If you’d like to submit a post for next week’s carnival please note that there is a new submission form.

Here are this week’s submissions, in the order I received them:

Pamela Rose Williams presents 10 Awesome Songs About Heaven posted at What Christians Want to Know, saying “Check out this list of powerful songs all about heaven.”

Romi presents Blessed Are… posted at In the Way Everlasting, saying “Studying the first word in Psalm 1:1, ‘blessed.'”

Fadi presents Education and Marriage Part 2 at INSPIKS, saying “Education is just knowledge you acquire to be able to practice a certain profession–it is nothing more and nothing less. It does not make you godlier.”

Jason Price presents Staying Committed to Giving Even in Difficult Times at One Money Design, saying “Stay committed, faithful and continue to give out of our love and trust in God even when times are difficult. God will provide!”

Dean presents Illustration of Materialism at Working on the Mission

Michael presents Faith in Action at Chasing the Wind, saying “Do you need actions to prove your faith? And do you need words? And is fear holding you back? To express your faith, you need both words and actions. A study of Rahab in the Joshua 2-6.”

Violet Nesdoly presents Technology Word-snatch at Other Food: daily devos, saying “Is technology messing with the Word-seed in our lives?”

Laura Edgar presents Invest in Yourself! at NerdWallet, saying “This is a great article on empowering yourself by being educated and taking control of your finances. There are also good links and quotes from other faith related finance posts.”

Ridge Burns presents It Will Be Revealed to You at Ridge’s Blog, saying “Ridge Burns reflects on his doctor’s response to the question of when he’d know it was time for a knee replacement and how this response is similar to the way God leads us.”

Kimmi Yarris presents God Brings Us into a Mess To Give Us a Message at InFaith’s Mission Blog, saying “Kimmi Yarris writes about her first few days of ministry as an InFaith summer mission intern.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christian carnival ii using our brand new carnival submission form.  More information, past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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