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A few years ago I posted a pretty extensive list of some of my favorite Christmas CD’s.  Recently, Under the Radar posted a list of the 6 best Christmas albums of 2011, which made me think I should update that old list of mine, originally compiled three years ago.

So, here are a few more CD’s that have become Christmas favorites:

  • The Silent Night— Friction Bailey
    Very nice acoustic folk sound with some new arrangements of old songs, and a couple of good original tunes
  • Over The Hills And Everywhere: A Christmas EP — Seabird
    Traditional Christmas hymns with distinctive new Seabird melodies
  • Advent Christmas EP — Future of Forestry
  • Advent Christmas EP, Vol. 2 — Future of Forestry
    Both of these EP’s apply Future of Forestry’s trademark sound to the traditional melodies of Christmas hymns. Volume 2, I think, has a little more variety and better musicianship than the first, including a beautiful organ-backed rendition of Pie Jesu, and a fantastic original song, “The Earth Stood Still”.
  • Songs for Christmas[Box Set] — Sufjan Stevens
    It’s Sufjan (need I say more?)

If you use Spotify and would like to hear some of the new albums mentioned by Under the Radar, as well as some of those I’ve listed here, you can check out this Spotify playlist.