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Welcome to the 411th edition of the Christian Carnival.  Christian blog writers share their best post (one post only) from the previous week.  Topic is not necessarily about Christianity but must reflect a Christian worldview, and the writer must be Christian to qualify.  You can see who’ll be hosting future Carnivals (and/or submit your own post) on the Christian Carnival home page.

I’ve been a bad blogger lately if blogging consistency counts for anything (and it does), so I have no post of my own to add to this carnival.  There have been a few changes to the Carnival in the last few months, including new categories for submissions and a new Facebook page.  Here are this week’s posts, arranged in the order they were received, and within the categories to which they were submitted by the authors.


David R Wells presents First Fruits, not Leftovers posted at Revelation 3:10 – Blog, saying “Today’s passage… is about giving God our first and not our last.”

Raziel presents Lessons from the three Temptations posted at Pens Or Swords

Joe Plemon presents How the Golden Rule Could Fix Everything posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying “Could the Golden Rule REALLY fix everything? There is a huge IF involved.”

Josh presents 25 Great Waiting Quotes posted at What Christians Want To Know, saying “We all struggle with waiting. Whether it be waiting in line or waiting on God it is a struggle for us all. Take a look at these great quotes and verses.”

Koty Ray presents Too much people-pleasing posted at Teen Devotionals

Cindy Jeffrey presents Prayer for Patience and Calmness posted at Christian Prayers, saying “This site provides Christian prayers daily.”

Charles Chua C K presents 10 Keys to Live a Balanced and Happy Life posted at All About Living with Life

Christian Amit presents Jesus Heals the Woman with Blood Issue posted at Bible Study Lessons | Free Inductive Study Guide, saying “Bible study lesson on healing of woman with the issue of blood on Mark 5:24-34. Her faith in Jesus. Why did she touch Him? How was she instantly healed? Faith lessons and life applications.”

Zowada presents The Eternal Sunrise. posted at Zowada Blog, saying “In order for one to live in sight of eternity, one must also live in sight of their own imminent earthly demise.”

Russ White presents Adam and Maslow posted at Thinking in Christ

Adam Faughn presents Powerful Prayer posted at The Faughn Family of Four

Brandon Peters presents Putting My Future Fully in His hands posted at INSPIKS, saying “The end of December 2010 was probably the craziest time of my life. After getting home from Bible school I told God to do whatever He needed so that I could fully live for Him. I found out that is a very dangerous prayer.”

Ed Renk presents God Does Big Things in Small Places posted at InFaith’s Mission Blog


Lahesha Williams presents 5 Tips for Proper Time Management in College posted at Lahesha Williams, saying “Many students do not know how to manage their time while they are in school. They think they have loads of free time, when in fact, they are just procrastinating all of their homework and tests. Here are 5 tips to develop some time management skills.”

LaTisha D Styles presents Fun Trivia: Books of the Bible | BiblicalFinances posted at BiblicalFinances, saying “Can you find the names of the books of the Bible in this paragraph?”

Ridge Burns presents Sounds of a Funeral posted at Ridge’s Blog

Henry Neufeld presents Why Justin Quit Reading the Bible posted at Jevlir Caravansary, saying “Does our encouragement of young people always have the results we expect?”


Richard H. Anderson presents Matthew misread the Book of Zechariah posted atdokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos, saying “one in a series of articles on the priority of the Gospel of Luke”

Lisa Battista23 presents The Top 40 Informative Forums for Theology Students and Educators posted at Theology Degrees Online, saying, “You don’t have to be studying theology to be confused and curious about different religions and beliefs. From the most devout to the most skeptical, many people have questions about their own beliefs as well as others. These incredible forums offer information from experts as well as bloggers who are interested in sharing their knowledge with others.”

Engelbert Hudson presents 30 Incredible Q&A Sites to Help You Understand the Bible posted at Biblical Learning Blog, saying “The Bible is not an easy area of study. With thousands of years of history and various versions, students often have many questions. That’s where the use of Q&A sites come in. These 30 sites are incredible resources to help you better understand the Bible, and they are written by Bible experts, writers, preachers and other professionals.”