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I’ve benefited in many ways from reading the blogs of faithful Christian men and women.  Today, while visiting the new blog of a friend of mine, I was reminded just how grateful I am for one blog in particular.  I’m not even sure what it’s called (maybe Kisses from Katie).  But I do believe it’s the best blog I’ve ever read–not because of its profound theological insights, not because of its intellectually stimulating posts, and certainly not because it’s funny, or fun to read; but rather because it’s so blasted humbling.  It exposes my self-absorption.  It condemns my love of comfort.  It shows me true Christ-likeness in action.  It shows me something I don’t see enough of, and don’t display enough of.

I’ve mentioned the blog before, and I will surely mention it again.  In her most recent post, Katie Davis tells (in her own typical, unassuming, heart-rending way) the stories of Regina and her starving children, of Makerere the resident crazy man, and of baby Juma and her grandmother.  Katie’s home is a haven for poor and needy and lost souls.

This house I call home, it is where people flock for help. For a glass of water, for a welcoming smile, for a story of redemption, for a place to belong. “Come and listen,” we say. “Come and listen to what He’s done for us. For you.” These 8 will leave, but more will come. They always come. I don’t know why us and I don’t know why here. Our house is a wreck and dinner is late. We make a ruckus in the grocery store and we don’t get invited out much because surely we will bring a screaming baby or worse, crazy people. We are late to church and sometimes we get there and one doesn’t have shoes and one forgot to comb her hair. We are the messy ones. And we pray and we pray that we could spill out the grace God has so lavished on us.

Please, please, read the whole article.  I can’t recommend Katie’s blog highly enough.  Subscribe to it.  Buy her book when it’s released in October.  Buy multiple copies and give them to everyone you know.  And above all (God help us!) imitate her, as she imitates Christ.