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One of the more sobering truths found in the Bible is that some professions of faith are only temporary or superficial.  It’s possible to believe in vain (1 Corinthians 15:2), to have a type of faith that ultimately proves worthless.  You can (in some sense) believe in Christ and be lost.  I briefly touched on this subject about a year ago in this post, and want to elaborate on it at some point, but my main purpose now is to tell you about a free resource on the subject.

Jim Elliff is offering his booklet “Wasted Faith” free until the end of May.  You can even request multiple copies and give them away to friends and family.  Request your free copies here.  (You can read Tim Challies’ review of the book first, if you’d like.)  I recently discovered that it’s also available as a free audiobook.  Here’s that link.