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Building  a snowman is fun

We had a nice wet snow here Monday, perfect for snowballs and various other snowthings.  My son built a veritable family of snowmen.  Click on each of the two pictures in the gallery below.  In the first you’ll see what I’ll call the Mama Snow(wo)man standing beside her blob-ish little snowboy.  In the second you’ll see the hulk-ish one-eyed Papa Snowman.

Now, if you’re a boy, tearing down a snowman is even more fun than building one.  You can watch my son deconstruct Papa Snowman in the video below.  I love to listen to him yell and laugh.  You’ll notice a break in the video right after he runs up to his mama. Then, at the beginning of the next clip, you’ll hear her say, “Don’t get on me again.”  I think you can figure out what happened between the clips.