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One year ago in Haiti, the earth shook violently.  Many people died; for others, the daily difficulties of life multiplied dramatically.  Today, the people of Haiti are still adversely affected by the events of that day.  The earthquake touched my family because we’ve sponsored a child in Haiti for several years, and we had no idea for a while whether he was unharmed.

I wrote about the earthquake and my family’s concerns here on this blog the very next day.  There were a number of helpful links in that article, including some to reputable relief organizations.  Click here if you’d like to read that post.  Yes, I was concerned; at the same time I knew I wasn’t nearly as deeply concerned about the devastation and suffering as I should be.  I confessed that in another post a few days later and provided some more links.

Now, one year later, I continue to be troubled and touched by the plight of the Haitians, and equally troubled that I haven’t done more to alleviate the suffering there (and in other places both near and far) than I have.  The truth is, I continue to blog about it, more to attack my own apathy than yours. So, once again, here are some reminders.  They’re mostly for me, but feel free to use them to stir up your own heart.

This post was written by a couple so moved by the suffering of the Haitians that they packed up their family and moved there:

The Day the Earth Shook — Remembering

The organization One Day’s Wages has renewed its commitment to help the people of Haiti:

Renewing our Commitment to Haiti

Relevant Magazine shares the stories of a few Haitians who recall the devastation, and continue to live with the aftermath:

Haiti One Year Later

Finally, National Geographic provides an update and suggests some ways to help:

The Earthquake in Haiti: One Year Later