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A few weeks ago I posted a video produced by The Autumn Film.  Tifah, the group’s lead singer featured in that video, is also the lead singer for Page CXVI, a side project of the group aimed at making old hymns “accessible and known again.”  They explain the name of the project:

The name comes from a reference to page 116 in our copy of The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis. It is a poignant passage where Aslan begins to sing Narnia into creation out of a black void.

It starts, “In the darkness something was happening at last. A voice had begun to sing. It was very far away and Digory found it hard to decide from what direction is was coming. Sometimes it seemed to come from all directions at once. Sometimes he almost thought it was coming out of the earth beneath them. Its lower notes were deep enough to be the voice of the earth herself. There were no words. There was hardly even a tune. But it was, beyond comparison, the most beautiful noise he had ever heard. It was so beautiful he could hardly bear it.” ~ C.S. Lewis

You can listen to Hymns I and Hymns II in their entirety below.  (Bookmark this page and listen any time you want.)  If you liked the “Joy” video, make sure you listen to the last track on Hymns I.  This version includes a verse of  “It Is Well with My Soul” which, in my opinion, makes the song even more moving than the video version.