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How do you decide who to vote for?  What criteria do you use for evaluating a political candidate?  Dan over at Cerulean Sanctum has a thought-provoking post today, challenging conservative evangelicals to think carefully about the criteria they use when deciding how to vote.

The list of practices and beliefs that God hates is long. Sooner or later, our political candidates will run afoul of that list. Some much more than others.

Which is why advocating certain political parties will only lead Christians into a deep abyss. What we should be advocating when we talk of the greatness of America is a commitment to avoiding EVERYTHING on that list of what God hates, not just those select sins that plague the “other” party.

Sadly, once we start looking at reality that way, many candidates fail—even the ones Evangelicals endorse.

I don’t necessarily agree with Dan’s conclusion, but I can’t express how much I appreciate his thought process.  It is dangerous when Christians  inextricably align themselves with any particular political party.  With that in mind, I just ordered Carl Trueman’s new book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative, and can’t wait to read it.

I should say, in closing, that my basic philosophy of voting for pro-life candidates hasn’t changed.  I am as firmly and fundamentally opposed to voting for any so-called pro-choice candidate as I was when I wrote this post two years ago.