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This post is a little off-the-wall for me.  I normally either blog about my family or some aspect of following Christ.  Less frequently I write about something that just interests me personally.  This post falls into that category.  It’s about shred guitar.

My wife thinks it’s rather bizarre that I’m a relatively quiet, conservative person, and at the same time really like head-banging music.  What can I say?  I grew up in the 60’s.  (That probably explains some of my other bizarre traits as well.)  For the most part, though, I restrict my listening to Christian headbangers, since their popular counterparts can get pretty crude and, to me at least, inappropriate to listen to as a Christian.

Being keenly aware of that last point, I offer the following video with a word of caution.  I know nothing about this guy or his group; if I did, there’s a high probability I wouldn’t recommend them.  Nor do I have any intention of ever finding out more about them.  I’ll stick with my old Resurrection Band albums or music from other hard-rocking artists who are first and foremost followers of Christ (which reminds me–I never answered a question Isaac asked me in the comment section of a post I did for Blog Action Day a couple of years ago.  Sorry about that, Isaac.  I’ll try to do that soon.)

I guess I should also point out that I like Vivaldi as much as I like hard rock.  I like Mozart and heavy metal and some of almost every genre in between.

With all that said, I love this guitar solo, which I saw recommended by someone else.  I could listen to this type of guitar playing, also known as shredding, all day.  How about you?  What kind of music do you like?