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I’ve prattled on in this series about the cost of discipleship.  There are those, though, who go beyond just talking about paying the price; they do it.  Katie Davis is a good example.

So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple.  (Jesus, in Luke 14:33)

Katie took a trip to Uganda in 2006 that eventually changed the course of her life.   She writes about her life and work at the Journey; it’s a blog you need to add to your reader.  Posts are infrequent, but worth the wait.  Any of the 150 or so posts she’s published in the last two and a half years are worth reading, but I’ll recommend a couple of recent ones.

Jja Jja Grace, an elderly woman with AIDS, clearly needed someone to care for her.  However, no one seemed willing.  That left Katie wondering whether she should move Grace into her home in order to give her the kind of care she needed.  In this story, she describes how she wrestled with that decision, and what she learned.

In my heart spilled… Katie describes a very personal and painful sacrifice she had to make in order to move to Africa.  Then she challenges all the rest of us take up our crosses and make our own personal, painful sacrifices to follow Christ.

My goal in this short post is simple.  I want you to know about Katie’s ministry, and support it.  By clicking on the Amazima graphic to the right, you can find out more about Katie, contribute to her mission work, or begin sponsoring a child through the organization she founded.