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I recently wrote a review at Amazon for the new bible story book, Mighty Acts of God.  In the  introductory note to parents, author Starr Meade wrote,

In this storybook, the focus in each story is on God, not on the human characters in the story. The stories are not presented primarily as moral tales giving children role models to emulate, or as accounts of how God always meets people’s needs (as do genies in fairy tales!). Instead, the book’s goal is for children to rightly see the God of Scripture, as he presents himself in the Bible’s narrative accounts. In this way, the book as a whole provides an overview of the character and attributes of God.

Taken together, all the stories we read in Scripture of God’s mighty acts relate the story of God’s mightiest act: his work of redemption. When Satan’s schemes and people’s sin seemed sure to thwart his plans, God’s purpose never faltered; he continued to perform one mighty act after another, all working together to accomplish the plan of redemption he had devised before he had created anything.

You can read my full review here.