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Isaac Johnson here. My wife Jenny is conducting her first giveaway at her blog, and it’s an awesome giveaway at that.  The lucky winner will receive a Spend Yourself shirt of their choice.  What is Spend Yourself, you may ask?  It’s an apparel company started by some amazing friends of mine here in Louisville who love the Lord.  Spend Yourself has a heart for social justice and a vision to drive positive change in the world.

Spend Yourself will be selling a series of shirts in order to raise funds for specific causes across the globe. By doing so, they hope to help fund sustainable solutions to different social injustices, as well as to raise awareness, not only for each specific cause, but also for the need to be well-informed of what is happening in our world today. How can we fight social injustice if we do not know it is happening? By bringing attention to those individuals suffering under these injustices, we are helping to give a voice to those whose voice was taken away.

So head over to my wife’s giveaway HERE.

And check out Spend Yourself and pick out your favorite shirt HERE.  They currently have 6 different shirts, all helping very worthwhile causes and organizations.  Also, the shirts are really comfortable!  The latest shirt that is coming out in a matter of days is to aid the earthquake victims of Haiti.