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By Isaac Johnson

I realize it has been a long time since my last post about my Biblical counseling course.  There have been many reasons for this, including working nights, finals, and both mine and my wife’s computers biting the dust.  This has offered me a good amount of time to reflect and process the semester as a whole and this course in particular.

This course was challenging for me not just at an academic level, but at the level of my heart and my own worldview.  One of the things I take away from the course is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most powerful thing we have to change lives.  It has the power to reach anyone, no matter what their life looks like.  I also leave the course with a much needed renewal of understanding of the sufficiency of Scripture.  Here we have what is needed to live life with excellence.  It’s not a last resort and it does not need any supplement to give it power.

I also have been given much practical instruction in just how to relate to other people, and knowing that they are in the middle of a spiritual journey as I am, whether they know it or not.  In all of our interactions, we can quickly forget that each person we run into is a creation of God, made in His image, in need of His love.  That was well worth the price per credit hour!

I also thank you all for your comments and readership.  It’s definitely helped me process a lot of these issues.  We’ll have to wait and see if I continue this next semester in another course.  I am taking Greek this semester, but I doubt many of you would enjoy a weekly post on that.  Thanks again and God bless.


An additional note from Barry Wallace

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