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My last post was a tribute to my mom, who passed away two years ago.   Spending a lot of time with her in the hospital before she died reminded me of what a sad and wonderful place a hospital can be; a place where profound suffering and profound compassion often embrace.

Recently I discovered an extraordinary blog.  I’m not exaggerating.  Danielle is a med student who may have missed her calling as a writer.  A blog this good makes me realize I have no business blogging.  I should be doing something that I can do well, like cleaning toilets.

This sad, sweet story is just one example of the beautiful and gut-wrenching reflections you’ll find at Danielle’s blog.  (If you’ve already read that story, it’s probably because Tim Challies linked to it last week.)

How would I describe Danielle’s blog?  Honest. Witty. Wise. Sad. Compassionate. Intelligent. Articulate. Poignant. Occasionally funny. Always well-written.  I could go on.  Trust me, it’s a great blog.  So what are you still doing here?