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…and other chronic worriers

This is the third installment in my attempt to do a little blog spotting.  It’s brief—just a couple of serious links, and one video for comic relief.  Enjoy.

Do you ever find yourself worried about various conspiracy theories, the increasing prospect of Christian persecution, legal rights abridgments, the political direction of our country, the great tribulation and assorted other dangers, both real and perceived?  The truth is, fear and worry can plague any of us.  Dan at Cerulean Sanctum offers us a gentle rebuke.

Not a Faith of Fear

Here’s a post by a Calvinist, for Calvinists—or more specifically, for Calvinists who are overly alarmed by (and too often harsh toward) our Arminian brothers and sisters.

Calvinists, Let’s Calm Down

And speaking of Calvinists, here’s the comic relief.  It’s been around a while, but I still think it’s funny.