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No one was tagged in the making of this post!

Internet memes–most people either love them or hate them.  If you happen to be one of those who passionately hate memes, I want to set your mind at ease–you haven’t been tagged in this post, and you won’t be.

If you do like memes, on the other hand, I’ll suggest an alternative at the end of this post.  The original inspiration for this list, in case you’re wondering, was a Facebook note in which I was tagged by my friend James Galyon.

What do you really know about me?

Unless you know me in real life, most of what little you do know about me is probably derived from what I’ve written.  And if you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that what I usually write about is some aspect of following Christ, since I believe that nothing is any more important (for you or for me or for anyone else) than that.

However, I also occasionally write about things that are a little more personal regarding my family or my life in general.  One of the reasons I do that is because I think that most people who read blogs like to know something about the people who write them.

With that in mind, here are some random, mostly unrelated tidbits of information about me (this is a slightly modified version of the list I made for the Facebook meme):

  1. I graduated from high school at the birthplace of Popeye’s creator.
  2. I played basketball in high school and received a letter of invitation to try out for the university basketball team in my first year of college (I didn’t make the team, and didn’t deserve to).
  3. I was a music major in college with a dual emphasis on voice and trumpet.
  4. Unlike my blog friend James, who tagged me for this meme and has two more degrees than I have names, I quit college after two years, and have no degrees.
  5. I used to DJ a contemporary christian music program on a local radio station.
  6. There are only two foods that I don’t really care for–cranberries and raspberries.
  7. Random tidbit number 6 is notable mainly because I will eat almost anything. For example, when I was in high school I once killed a muskrat with a big rock, took it home and ate it (if you’ve ever cleaned a muskrat you know where it got its name).
  8. I wrote a letter to John Piper in the 90s and received a personal reply from him by mail. That says a lot about John Piper, and nothing about me. There was no reason at all for him to take time out of his busy schedule to respond to someone like me.
  9. I’ve been divorced. I, along with God, hate divorce.
  10. I’ve been married to my present wife since 1995. We have five (5) children; yours (2), mine (2), and ours (1).
  11. I’ve never flown (and don’t particularly want to).
  12. My wife wants to go to Hawaii (complicated somewhat by random tidbit number 11).
  13. I have the best dog in the world, a toy poodle named Chloe.
  14. I watched Los Angeles Dodger’s utility infielder and former first round draft pick Blake DeWitt grow up. I work with his dad.
  15. I’m a deacon in my church and maintain our church website (which, for the record, needs quite a bit of work).

Now that you know just a little more about me than you did, I want to make two simple suggestions.

  • Using this same basic format, write a post on your own blog specifically designed to give your readers some fairly random facts about you, and either link back to this post from your post, or leave a comment below linking to your blog post.  If you link back here, let me know and I’ll add a link below to your post.
  • Borrowing an idea from Ignorant Historian, if there is anything else you might want to know about me or my views, feel free to ask in the comments.  Of course, I reserve the right to answer any, all or none of those questions!  🙂