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Well… actually…

I did see a bear, up close and personal, a couple of weeks ago in the Smoky Mountains, but that’s a different post.

I haven’t seen any wild animals this week, but I did come across a couple of potentially wild  topics.  If you’re interested in discussions on either church polity (government) or eschatology (the study of last things), you’ll enjoy these posts.  Both of these topics have been known to generate more than a little controversy.

Interestingly (to me) most of these articles were either written by or refer to fellow Southern Baptists…


What does it mean to be members of one another, and what does that have to do with elders? Those are questions addressed by this author.  (He even uses visual aids—our youth pastor would love it!)

Overseers: Ruling to Discern Unity

Does the biblical text support a model of church leadership that includes a plurality of pastor-elders?  Brett Kunkle says yes.

A Plurality of Pastors

For a much more thorough treatment of the subject, check out this article by NT professor Daniel B. Wallace,

Who Should Run the Church? A Case for the Plurality of Elders


I could be wrong, but I would venture to say that of those Southern Baptists who have embraced Reformed theology, most would consider themselves Amillennialists.  That makes both of the following posts notable.

Dave Miller, a doctrinally Reformed Southern Baptist, thinks he may be a dinosaur.  This is a well-written post with a TON of comments:

From an Eschatalogical Dinosaur: Am I the Last Pretribulationalist Left?

And apparently Tom Schreiner, Professor of NT Interpretation at Southern Seminary (and a Calvinist), recently “changed his position from that of a Amillennialist to that of one who believes the millennium is yet future.”

Tom Schreiner on the Millennium . . . and So Much More

Your Turn

I’m curious.   What are your views on church government and end times?  How’s that for opening a can of worms?