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One year ago today, August 22, 2008, I tentatively published my first blog post.  Blogging has proven to be a good (although time-consuming) discipline for me, helping me to think through some important issues.  I’ve also made some good friends along the way, and enjoyed a number of thought-provoking discussions.

Discussion seems to me to lie right at the heart of blogging.  It’s a format tailor made for a type of interaction that has tremendous potential to benefit those who participate.  “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).  Many times your comments have contributed more to a subject than my original post.

With that in mind, I decided to compile a list of the posts here that generated the most discussion in the past year.  I arbitrarily decided to draw a line at posts with 15 or more comments.  (I made one exception, excluding a post with 16 comments.)

Blogging is a strange thing.  I don’t consider very many of these my best or most well-written posts; yet, for one reason or another, they generated the most discussion.  Go figure.

Here’s the list, in chronological order from the oldest to the most recent, along with a brief note about each post.   The total number of comments and trackbacks on the post is in parentheses beside the link.

I hope you can take the time to read the comments left by others.  They really are what makes re-reading these posts worthwhile.  Feel free to add your own comments while you’re there, no matter how old the original post.

  • Made for another world (15) I had only been blogging for a few days when this post attracted the attention of a very gracious, intelligent, and articulate atheist.  An interesting dialogue ensued.
  • Ray Boltz announces he’s gay (16) I typed up this post within minutes of reading about Ray Boltz’s announcement.  Looking back at the post, I see that I interacted very little with commenters.  I regret that.
  • Memorizing Scripture is hard on an old man (16) Ever since his expository series on the book of Isaiah, our pastor has urged the members of our church to memorize a specific passage of Scripture from each book he preaches on.  My memorization skills have eroded with time.
  • Forgiveness and Corrie Ten Boom (31) To this day, this post is the most visited and most commented post on my blog.  It was part of a series on the subject of forgiveness.  See this page for the other posts.
  • Is it necessary to believe in the resurrection of Jesus to be saved? (24) As a result of interacting with a friend of mine on his blog, I attempted in this post to elaborate on the answer I gave to a question he had raised.  Unlike most of the other posts on this list, I consider this to be one of the better ones, and one that prompted some important discussion.
  • Bertrand Russell’s darkness (19) This short post posed a simple question.  Three different atheists commented on this one, provoking quite a bit of discussion.
  • Recovering from a 5200 mile road trip (15) We took a rather spur-of-the-moment 5200 mile road trip this summer.  I hope to follow up on this post (eventually) with some pictures and details of the trip.

To those of you who have befriended me and encouraged me to continue blogging, my heartfelt thanks.  Your friendship and your comments are always deeply appreciated.  To the rest of you, thanks for visiting.  I hope you too become a regular!