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…and other thought-provoking things I’ve read this week:

A brief historical survey and critique of postmodernism by an excellent writer, Timothy J. Stoner, author of The God Who Smokes.  This is a great blog, by the way.  One word—subscribe:

When the World Lost Its Story

Three views of the intent and extent of the atonement, all well articulated:

For Whom Did Christ Die? Three Views!

An elder at a Southern Baptist church describes a home visit that led to an encounter with demons and an opportunity to preach the gospel.

First Demons, Then Salvation Came to Their House

J.D. Greear reflects on the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force’s assignment:

Restoring the Initiative to the Local Church

My pastor’s wife bares her heart… again.  As always, what she shares is touching and insightful.

what to say to a friend who is dealing with infertility

Speaking of babies, this radical statement by an Atlanta pastor really grabbed my attention.  May all Christians everywhere be as prepared to back up their claim to care about unborn and unwanted babies.

“We Will Care For Any Newborn Baby You Bring To This Church”

Finally, don’t believe the hype in this title.

7 Steps to the Most Incredible Worship Experience of Your Life

A question

This is the first time that I’ve posted a compendium of recent articles and blog posts I’ve read and enjoyed.  Would any of you be interested in seeing me do something like this on a regular basis?  Let me know in the comments.  Thanks!