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What you’ve probably already heard

The 2009 SBC annual meeting is over.  Many of those who attended have already taken some time to reflect on the events of the last few days, and there will be a lot more written in the weeks ahead.  What I’ve read so far has been very encouraging.

The appointment of the Great Commission Resurgence Taskforce, consisting of Johnny Hunt, Ronnie Floyd (chairperson), Jim Richards, Frank Page, David Dockery, Simon Tsoi, Donna Gaines, Al Gilbert, J.D. Greear, Tom Biles, Danny Akin, R. Albert Mohler Jr., John Drummond, Harry Lewis, Mike Orr, Roger Spradlin, Bob White, Ken Whitten, and Ted Traylor, is by far the most significant development.  You can read about that (and more) by following the links below.

What you haven’t yet heard

All pastors should blog, don’t you think?  My pastor and another friend of mine from this area also attended the annual meeting.  Neither one of them know it yet, but I’m going to try hard to convince both of them to share their thoughts with us after they’ve had time to digest what they’ve seen and heard this week.

It’s important to hear from prominent bloggers like the ones below; but it’s also important, I think, to hear from regular, small-town pastors and youth leaders who love the Lord and care about the SBC.  Maybe if you, dear reader, give them lots of encouragement in the comments, you can help me persuade both of them to tell us about their hopes and concerns after attending the meetings.

Encouraging words

Here are the posts I referred to earlier.  They won’t be of interest to everyone, and that’s fine.  But if you want to know more about the direction and future of the Southern Baptist Convention, you need to read what these four five men have written.

Tom AscoliMonkOwen StrachanAaron MenikoffThom Rainer

(Make that six)  Timmy Brister

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