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I recently announced the addition of Derek Ashton to my blog team.  In his first post here, Derek introduced himself.  Derek is a careful thinker and a good writer–I look forward to his contributions to this blog.  I also hope to add a couple of other members to my team in the coming months.

I’ve also joined Derek’s blog as a team member.  We both have firm convictions about the value of team blogging, as Derek explains in his latest post.  I’m thankful for Derek’s friendship, for the accountability he brings to me and to this blog, and for his partnership with me in the gospel, which is the primary focus of both of our blogs.

Here’s a picture of Derek, stolen from his post.  That’s him in the middle (and that’s me on the right).  P.S. – I’m kind of jazzed about getting to wear a virtual THEOparadox t-shirt in the picture.  🙂