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Still busy… busy, busy, busy… so here’s another video.  I like this one for obvious reasons.  It features my youngest son (then 8, now 9).  And, of course, there’s a story behind it.

My 18-year old daughter (the director) was watching YouTube videos of two guys lip-syncing to popular songs.  The guys went by the name of B&B Style, and their musical mime was very good and pretty funny.  This particular B&B Style video began with the song “Peaches,” which my son reprises (in his pajamas) in the video below.  Unfortunately, the audio for the B&B video has been disabled, but you may still be able to tell that my son is impersonating the B&B guy on the right, and the B&B guys are impersonating a group by the name of “The Presidents of the United States of America.”

In case you’re wondering, I supervise my son’s online activities, and think every parent has a responsibility to do the same for their own children.  He can’t watch whatever he wants.  He’s never heard of “The Presidents of the United States of America” (although he can recite the names of the first 20 name the first 30 presidents of the United States), and he’s never seen their music video.  In fact, I didn’t know who they were, either, until I looked them up.

The video quality’s poor.  The aforementioned daughter captured it on the spur of the moment with her cell phone camera.  Enough talk.  Here’s the clip.  (If you’d like to read more posts that have something to do with to my family, click here.)