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Angels and Demons, the movie sequel (novel prequel) to Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code is showing in theaters now.  The new film attempts, among other things, to explore the relationship between science and religion.  Obviously, the movie and the book it’s based on are both fiction, but it seems as if the line between fact and fiction is often blurred in movies like this.  Westminster Theological Seminary has created a website, Angels and Demons Truth, designed to help anyone who’s interested separate what’s fact from what’s fiction in the movie.

If you’d like to read a review of the movie from a Christian perspective, I recommend this one.  Ben Witherington has also written a brief post about the movie, which you can find here.  Reviews of the movie, even by Christians, are all over the map.  Some are neutral, some negative, some critical, some positive.  For example, Stephen McGarvey has written a pretty positive review of the movie:

If not for the fact that the story was originally written by the now infamous Dan Brown, Christians would be flocking to this movie.  Angels & Demons not only portrays Christianity in a positive light, it has some thoughtful things to say about the apparent ageless conflicts between faith and science.

In light of the different ways Christians view the movies based on Dan Brown’s novels (and a lot of other movies, for that matter), I have some questions.

  1. Do you plan to watch Angels and Demons?
  2. Why or why not?
  3. How do you decide whether or not to watch a particular movie?
  4. What criteria do you use to assess the value of the movies you do watch, or do you simply watch them uncritically?
  5. What do you think about the disagreements Christians often have with each other over whether or not to watch a particular movie?