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One of the things I’ve done ever since I first began blogging is question my motives.  Why am I doing this?  What do I hope to accomplish?  Is this a good use of my time?  I may one day decide that I shouldn’t be blogging, and just walk away from it.  Until then, I think it’s helpful to ask tough questions. Why we do whatever we do is of extreme importance.

But it’s important to ask not only whether we should blog, but also how we should approach the task.  What do we want to communicate?  Who is our target audience?  Who are we actually reaching?  Tony Reinke addressed some of the “how” questions in his message to the Band of Bloggers meeting in Chicago this week, and has posted the manuscript on his blog.

Tony outlined three basic principles for being a good steward of your blog, and concluded by saying that if you do these three things well, you won’t have to find your audience; your audience will find you.

1. Identify your passions
2. Research
3. Share

You can read Tony’s brief manuscript here.

Do you know why you blog and what you want to accomplish?  Who are you trying to reach, and why?  How do you view (and handle) the responsibility that comes along with being a blogger?