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Tony Kummer Never Sleeps

At least, that’s my theory.  I don’t know it to be a fact, but I think it certainly must be true. Otherwise I don’t know how he could accomplish as much as he does.  It’s at least theoretically possible that he’s a zombie (since it’s well documented that zombies never sleep) but I’m unable to confirm that at this time.

I only know Tony through blogs and social networking sites.  Our paths first crossed several years ago when I bookmarked one of Tony’s projects, Said at Southern, at a social bookmarking site and we developed a casual online friendship.  Since then, I’ve discovered that Tony has developed a number of other websites.  You can find links to a few of those here.  In addition to all of that, Tony has a full-time ministry, a wife, and four children.  Hence, my theory that he never sleeps.

Giving Away $400 Worth of Books

In order to promote one of his most recent projects, Tony’s created a nice giveaway.  Just follow this Devotional Christian link to find out more about the contest and enter.  The drawing will be held on June 1.  The grand prize winner will get to choose $200 worth of books from Westminster Bookstore.  Sweet.