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I’m excited about an opportunity coming up in April to go and hear D.A. Carson, a leading New Testament scholar, in person.  A group from our church will be going to Jackson, TN, where he will be the keynote speaker for the Word Within The Word conference at Union University.

These conferences are always good.  I’ve gone with a group from our church twice before.

Carson will be lecturing this year on the use of the Old Testament in the New.  Because of his expertise in that particular field of study, he was one of the editors of a recently published commentary on the subject entitled Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament.  (For some reason I get a kick out of that title.)

The conference will also feature breakout sessions led by members of the Union faculty and other speakers, including David and Sally Michael, who developed the God-centered children’s curriculum, “Children Desiring God.”

Many more sermons and lectures by Carson, like the ones below, are available at the Gospel Coalition website.  If you’re unable to attend the conference at Union, you could download and listen to these lectures as an alternative:

Use of the Old Testament in the New (part 1)

Use of the Old Testament in the New (part 2)

Use of the Old Testament in the New (part 3)

Use of the Old Testament in the New (part 4)

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