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David Wayne

David Wayne

The purpose of this post is not to inform you that David Wayne has cancer.  Many of you already know that.  David, who’s only 45, found out less than a week before Christmas that he had stage four colon cancer, and then spent Christmas Eve in an operating room undergoing surgery.

The news came as a shock to David and his family.  What do you do when you’re blindsided by news like that–and right before Christmas?  How do you absorb that kind of blow?  David is deeply convinced that God is good, and that He is sovereign.  Now, saying you know that God is sovereign when everything’s going well is one thing; saying you know it when you’re told you have stage four cancer is another.  What does it mean to trust God when you find yourself in the middle of a personal crisis of that magnitude?

Those are some of the questions David’s trying to answer over at his blog these days.  In doing so, he writes with the same unpretentious honesty, humility, sense of humor, and faith that has always characterized his writing.

Those were the qualities that attracted me to David’s blog years ago.  In one of the first posts I wrote when I started blogging, back in August, I admitted that I didn’t even know what a blog was at the time.  When I saw the name JollyBlogger I had to do a quick search to find out what in the world a “blogger” was.  But that’s beside the point.

The reason I’m writing is to urge you to follow David’s story.  He describes in detail his hopes and fears, his highs and lows, and his sometimes trembling but always genuine trust in God.  That degree of openness and honesty is both unusual and extraordinarily helpful.  No matter what difficulties you’re facing in your own life, I think you’ll find David’s willingness to share his story, even while it’s still unfolding, extremely encouraging.

My suggestion is that you begin at the announcement, and then just keep reading.  Along the way, you’ll meet David’s delightful daughter, you’ll smile, you’ll cry, you’ll pray, you’ll think deeply; and through it all, if you have eyes to see, you’ll catch frequent glimpses of the gracious God David loves and serves.

It’s rare that a mere blog can offer so much.

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