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I’m vacationing in Florida with my family this week.  The temperature has been in the low 80s every day, and is forecast to be in the upper 70s most of the rest of the week.  (I merely note that for the benefit of my friends back home.)

I look forward to our family vacation every year.  It’s a special time for us.  We’re pretty frugal (some would say “tight”) most of the year, partly because we try to be good stewards of the resources God’s given us, and partly because we try to set aside some money to do some special things as a family when we’re on vacation.

Although the weather is great, the internet connection isn’t.  I have the slowest dial-up connection in the history of dial-up connections, which impedes blogging, but I want to try to post two or three times this week and respond to some comments that were left last week.

Here’s just a quick update on our week so far.  We arrived Saturday evening and settled in to our unit.  Sunday morning we got up and went to Metro Life Church (a Sovereign Grace Ministries church) then grabbed a bite for lunch and headed to Islands of Adventure.  Yesterday we spent the day at Universal Studios.  Today we head back to Islands of Adventure, which we all enjoyed more than Universal Studios.

I’ve walked (and stood in line) more in the last two days that I normally do in a month.  If I could only keep that up when I get home, I’d be in great shape.  At the end of the week, I will have had all the fun I can stand.