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iPods and other MP3 players have made it possible to listen to a lot of good Bible teaching and preaching in the course of a week.  And there are a lot of good places to find free audio.

If you listened to the sermons by D.A. Carson that I posted a couple of months ago, and would like to hear more from him, there are several websites where you can download some of his messages and lectures.  I’ll give you links to three good sites below.

If you didn’t listen to those two sermons, you can go back and download those from my post on compatibilism.  If you’ve never listened to anything by Carson, try listening to those messages first.  I cannot recommend them too highly.

Carson has one of the best minds in the evangelical world.  Some of his work is scholarly, which means that listening to him can be challenging at times; but it’s always rewarding.

If you have benefited from Carson’s teaching, and have some specific recommendations or reviews of any of his sermons, please feel free to leave those in the comments.  Thanks!

D. A. Carson MP3s

D. A. Carson Audio Sermons and Lectures

D. A. Carson – Monergism MP3 Library