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The church must never sacrifice its prophetic voice. As long as evil exists, the church must oppose it. As long as abortion is sanctioned in this country, you can rest assured that I will speak out against it.  I will both work and pray for its abolition.

I agree with Al Mohler:

Count me among those who believe that we cannot now step back and negotiate how many abortions we are willing to settle for in order for this issue to just go away. I reject the argument put forth by those who say we should now just step back and accept legal abortion on demand as a permanent reality and move on.

My friend Mark Dever put that argument in its place in his comments included in the article:

“It’s like saying, ‘Let’s work to make sure they kill fewer Jews in the concentration camps this year,”‘ said the Rev. Mark Dever, a pastor in Washington D.C.

Who could live with that? We should rejoice when any mother chooses to keep her child, but this is not where we can stop. Fewer abortions is not good enough.

The legally sanctioned slaughter of the unborn is unacceptable.  I appeal to you–be vigilant in your opposition to abortion.