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John Piper wrote the article I mentioned in Part 1 in order to elaborate on a point he only touched on in this short video clip, which is not mainly about women in government at all.  (Continue reading below the video.)

Justin Taylor is a friend of John Piper’s and has tremendous respect for him.  After watching that video, however, he thought that some of the things Piper said could easily be misconstrued.  He felt that he had to respond.

And his response is excellent–clear, thorough, biblical, and passionate.  He outlines the issues, identifies several points of concern, and then writes:

Now with all of that said, you may be surprised to hear me say that I really do resonate with Piper’s underlying point. Politics can easily become a source of idolatry… And yes, there will be something enormously significant, historic, and amazing if we elect our first black president…

But I want to plead with fellow evangelicals to recognize that this is a watershed election with regard to abortion.

The rest of the article is a passionate plea for action.

Part of the disagreement between Piper and Taylor (if there really is a disagreement when all is said and done) centers around the practical implications of God’s sovereignty.  Can the belief that God “works all things according to the counsel of his will” (Ephesians 1:11b) lead to an unhealthy indifference and inaction?

I agree with John Piper that God is sovereign over all the affairs of men; He is sovereign over nations and governments, and over the hearts of every man.  Any hand-wringing over the outcome of an election is probably a sign of unbelief.  God is firmly in control, no matter how the election turns out.

At the same time, a misunderstanding or a misapplication of God’s sovereignty can lead to deadly passivity.  I agree with Justin Taylor on this point–God’s sovereignty is a poor excuse for inaction.

Listen to Piper and read Justin’s response. To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of them?  How does God’s sovereign control over all that happens impact your thoughts and actions?