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This is the first of two related posts.

Back in August, about a week after I started blogging, I wrote what I thought would be a highly controversial post, entitled At the risk of sounding like a neanderthal… At the time, Sarah Palin had just been nominated for VP, and was supported by the vast majority of evangelical leaders.  (Let me interject at this point that I like Sarah Palin, and I voted for her early this morning.)

I only received a couple of comments on that original post, but both commenters disagreed with the view that I had somewhat tentatively proposed.  I don’t expect that bringing it up again will change that or win me any new friends.

Questioning the evangelical consensus, I asked whether or not it was proper for a woman to serve as the head of a nation.  What I proposed was (and still is) a minority view, and an unpopular one at that.  I myself am not 100% convinced that my view is correct, so don’t stone me just yet.  I was (and still am) sincerely trying to wrestle with the implications of a few passages of Scripture.  My questions were primarily focused on the exegesis and application of 1 Corinthians 11:8-9, and 1 Timothy 2:12-14.

I wrote,

Taken together, those [two] passages seem to teach that the order and the purpose and the events of both Creation and The Fall demonstrate that a woman should not exercise authority over a man.

Interacting at the same time with another blogger, I said,

It seems to me that Paul bases his teaching about woman being under man’s authority in 1 Corinthians 11 on the order and purpose of creation, before The Fall. Would that not then make it a principle that would apply to all human rule and government, rather than merely church government?

Now I see that John Piper has written a brief article that gets to the heart of my concerns, and articulates the issues far better than I did; which isn’t surprising, since he has a much sharper mind and pen than I do.

I’d like for you to read the article, and then come back and comment on it here when you’re finished.  Please check back for Part 2 of this post later today; it will begin where this post ends, and then veer off in a completely different direction.