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Mark Galli, writing for Christianity Today, says he doesn’t consider himself a single issue voter:

I have long been suspicious of “single-issue” activists. I imagine myself thoughtful and reasonable, and chuckle at people whose vote hinges simplistically on a single issue. I prefer the company of other journalists and pundits, as we drink our fair-trade coffee, discuss the enormous complexity of the world, and how we’re going to write about that in the next issue, again.

I’ve already made it clear that at least at this point and time in American history, I am a single issue voter, simply because I cannot be a party to the slaughter of innocent children.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the Republican party (I could care less whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican), with partisan politics, or with anything else, for that matter.

But what about Mark Galli?  He wonders about his motives.

What does he think about people like me?  Read the whole thing to find out.