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The more I listen to Gianna Jessen, the more I like her.  She is a remarkable woman; the survivor, as I mentioned previously, of a botched saline abortion.

She makes a lot of people uncomfortable simply by her presence.  That’s because many of those people would like to make it legal to destroy babies (like Gianna) who are born alive during an abortion; albeit most would either never admit to that, or misrepresent the legislation that would allow it.

But back to Gianna Jessen.  A little over a month ago, in the early part of September, she stood before the Australian parliament and spoke with passion and joy and boldness and conviction rarely heard in the halls of any political assembly.  What a breath of fresh air!

Watch the two-part video below (it only takes about 15 minutes) and see for yourself.

One of the most striking things about Gianna is her boldness and joy in the face of animosity and opposition.  In that, she serves as an example every Christian would do well to imitate.

(HT – Dr. Bruce)