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You can make an immediate and personal impact on the life of an impoverished child through the Christian relief organization Compassion International.  My family has prayerfully and financially supported several children over the years through Compassion.

A number of Christian recording artists have also supported the work of Compassion since the 1970s.  In 1985 Steve Camp and Phil Madeira wrote a song specifically designed to raise money for Compassion’s relief work in Africa.  I still have a copy of the 12″ vinyl single of that song.

Camp assembled a veritable Who’s Who of Christian Artists under the name of CAUSE (Christian Artists United to Save the Earth) and recorded “Do Something Now.” I’ve included a list of names below the embedded video, if you want to have a little fun trying to identify some of the artists involved.

The song is perhaps a little cheesy, and obviously dated, but the effort itself was certainly praiseworthy.  Individually and collectively those musicians were trying to help the poor.  When the apostle Paul visited Jerusalem for the first time, the elders there wanted him to do something that he had already planned to do.  “Only, they asked us to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do” (Galatians 2:10).

Brothers and sisters, are we so eager to help the poor?  Do something now.

This song featured solos and duets by Amy Grant, Larry Norman, Kathy Troccoli, Evie Karlsson, Phil Keaggy, Scott Wesley Brown, Michele Pillar, Steve Camp, Sandi Patty, Russ Taff, Dana Key, Mylon LeFevre, Jessy Dixon, Steve Taylor, Matthew Ward, 2nd Chapter of Acts, and Sheila Walsh.

Additionally, choir members included Shirley Caesar, Gary Chapman, the Bill Gaither Trio, Steve Green, Lisa Whelchel, Doug Oldham, Silverwind, Glenn Kaiser, Lanny Wolfe, Pam Mark Hall, Ed DeGarmo, Chris Christian, Bobby Jones and New Life, Glad, Sherman Andrus, Bob Farrell, Found Free, Rick Cua, and others.

How many of those participants can you spot?