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Tony Kummer recently introduced me to a blog I’d never heard of, but quickly learned to like.  The whole thing is devoted to making fun of all the really goofy stuff that finds its way into the sometimes quirky Christian subculture.

Jon Acuff, the author, explains the origin of the title and the nature of its content.

I took the wildly popular site “stuff white people like” and tweaked it just a little to make it about people that worship God. But “creatively borrowing” ideas from the world is only one of the things we Christians like to do.

And that’s what this site is going to be, a tongue in cheek exploration of all the silly things Christians like. From Carmen to books about the rapture to crowns of thorns you can buy for $49.99 at the local Christian bookstore. It will be sarcastic, mildly funny and if some of these things hit too close to home, perhaps a little offensive. But I’d rather be honest about my faith and it’s quirks than pretend I’m cool.

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