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The Bible paints a bleak picture of human nature.  I wonder how many people understand the horrific extent to which sin has twisted and damaged our souls and alienated us from God.  As Jim Elliff points out, the Bible describes us as dead, blind, lost, and condemned.  He uses an illustration to emphasize just how desperate our condition is:

“…the old story that says salvation is like a Christian throwing a lifeline out to a floundering, drowning man is not the truth. It is worse than you thought. You’re not drowning, you’re face down on the ocean floor!”

Do you believe that?  Tragically, many people don’t.  As I sit here typing, it breaks my heart to say that everyone who rejects the Biblical diagnosis of our condition will also reject the cure and remain lifeless at the bottom of the ocean.

The solution to our problem lies altogether outside of us.  Dead men can’t help themselves.

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