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The free version of WordPress that I’m using doesn’t seem to have a widget for all-time top pages and posts, so I’m going to create my own list.  This is primarily for the benefit of newer visitors to the blog.

After one month of blogging, here are my three most popular posts, in reverse order.

(3) Made For Another World

This post began as a fairly simple C.S. Lewis quote which acknowledges a universal longing for some sort of satisfaction or fulfillment that lies beyond our reach.  An interesting discussion, initiated by another blogger who is an atheist, ensued.  Although we obviously disagreed on the most important thing you can possibly disagree on, the discussion was friendly.  Visits to this post were generated more by the comments, I think, than by the original post.

(2) “Mama” by Il Divo

Frankly, there’s not much to this one.  One sentence and a link.  That’s it.  Still, it received four comments and lots of visits.  Its popularity was due solely to the popularity of its subject, America’s Got Talent fan favorite Neal Boyd, who grew up here in Sikeston.  For what it’s worth, here’s the link.

(1) Ray Boltz announces he’s gay

This is by far the most visited post on my blog (720 visits in the first week, and still counting).  I wrote it as soon as I heard about Boltz’s announcement, and although brief, I think it’s one of the more substantial things I’ve written.  Again, much of its popularity is due to the sensational nature of the announcement and the popularity of Ray Boltz.  It’s still receiving comments.  This post was my gut response to Ray’s announcement.