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A year or two ago I quoted from an article by J.C. Ryle in a comment thread over at Team Pyro.  Frank Turk, one of the PyroManiacs, liked the quote so much that he made a permanent link to the article (cleverly disguised as a comic book panel) in the sidebar of his own blog.

Below is the excerpt I quoted.

…the doctrine of Election was never meant to prevent the fullest, freest offer of salvation to every sinner. In preaching and trying to do good we are warranted and commanded to set an open door before every man, woman, and child, and to invite every one to come in. We know not who are God’s Elect, and whom he means to call and convert. Our duty is to invite all. To every unconverted soul without exception we ought to say, “God loves you, and Christ has died for you.” To everyone we ought to say, “Awake, — repent, — believe, — come to Christ, — be converted, — turn, — call upon God, — strive to enter in, — come, for all things are ready.”

Here’s the full article.