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Some of you weren’t around when “Jesus Music” started.  For all you young’uns out there, that’s what contemporary Christian music was called before there was any real Christian music industry.  (Sometimes I wonder if the music and the ministry would both be better if it was still that way.)

A couple of years ago I bought a CD by a guy named Phil Wickham.  I normally don’t buy anything I haven’t listened to, but when I found out that Phil’s dad was John Wickham, a member of an old Jesus Music band I used to listen to, nostalgia got the better of me.  John was an original member of The Way–I still have their two vinyl LP’s (along with a lot of others taking up space in my basement).

I’ve enjoyed the CD.  It’s good modern worship music.  “Holy, Holy, Holy” is probably one of the simplest songs on the album, but it’s hauntingly beautiful, and the lyrics provide a profound glimpse of the glory and majesty of God.  (You can listen to the full song here)

If you’re willing to sign up for his newsletter, you can download more of Phil’s music for free at his Singalong site.