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In an earlier post I referred to an excerpt from an upcoming book entitled Womanly Dominion. In the excerpt author Mark Chanski asks whether it would “be a good thing in general, for a woman to become our President.”  I think that’s a fair question.  Answers to it vary widely among Christian leaders and thinkers.

I believe the book will be very good.  It boasts endorsements from, among others, Russell Moore and Randy Stinson of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

At any rate, as a follow up to the original book excerpt, a colleague of Chanski’s, Robert Gonazales, added some very helpful clarifying comments and an additional book excerpt which I would encourage you to read. Gonzales concludes:

…as a general rule, the Scriptures encourage male leadership and discourage female leadership. Nevertheless, the Scriptures don’t seem to draw a sharp line here as they do when we think of ecclesiastical leadership. Hence, there may be exceptions or “right circumstances” that would render female leadership in the political sphere permissible.

You can find the full text of Mr. Gonazales’ remarks here and here.