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I recently wondered out loud on this blog whether it was acceptable from a Biblical standpoint for a woman to exercise authority over a man in the public arena.  That post was read by many, but commented on by few.  Those who did comment felt there was nothing, Biblically, that would prevent a woman from holding office or serving in any other position of authority over men in business or government.

Douglas Wilson at Blog and Mablog would also seem to think there’s nothing wrong with a woman being in authority over a man, as long as she doesn’t surrender the priority of the home.  He makes a helpful distinction between a woman’s place and a woman’s priority.  You can read his article at Cons and Pros on Palin.

I previously posted a link to a good round up of the very first reactions to Palin’s nomination, shortly after it was announced.  Those reactions, however, continue to evolve with each breaking news story.

What do you think about Sarah Palin, her priorities, and her political views?