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I’ve visited this site a number of times although I do not know this family, and probably never will. A grieving father and mother created it as a tribute to their deceased son. Their story is profoundly moving.

There’s nothing flashy about the layout of the site. It is nevertheless a tremendous resource for anyone who is suffering in any way, or grieving over the unexpected loss of someone they loved, and that’s why I’m recommending it. Parts of it are gut-wrenchingly difficult to read, and yet there’s tremendous hope expressed throughout.

It contains a vast number of articles written by the parents, as well as links to other articles, so take your time and browse around.

Click on the embedded picture below to visit the site. I recommend reading at least the following articles while you’re there:

What Happened ?
Steve’s Spiritual Journey
Final Days
The Accident
The Funeral,
Dreams, and Visions
Letters, and Poems

Help for Those Who Grieve
Ready For Anything
Help and Encouragement