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One of my favorite online resources for Bible study, Monergism.com, just revamped their MP3 library, and it is nice (HT Stephen Murray and Tim Challies).  Not only does it look great, it’s extremely functional.  You can search for what you want, or you can browse through the resources either by topic or author.

While I’m on the subject, I want to point to a couple of other outstanding websites which offer a wide variety of free MP3 downloads, enough to completely burn up your iPod.

Faith By Hearing – Unlike Monergism’s library, this is primarily a collection of links to great audio resources, but it is very extensive, and the listings are organized under a number of different categories.

Reforming My Mind – This site by Paul Schafer is massive.  I don’t know how he even had time to find all these resources, much less organize and list them.